About Social Plus Africa Communications Ltd

Social Plus Africa Communications Ltd is a dynamic and indigenous media organization that encompasses various facets of the industry, including broadcasting, magazine publication, online and eMagazine platforms, as well as printing services.
Our expertise extends beyond media services as we also specialize in setting up television and radio stations for our clients. In addition, we are involved in the telecommunications sector, offering network services, data solutions, and the supply and installation of telecommunications equipment.
With a diverse team of experienced professionals, Social Plus Africa is equipped to provide comprehensive and customized media solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our wealth of experience, combined with a commitment to quality and efficiency, allows us to deliver exceptional results.
At Social Plus Africa Communications Ltd, we strive for excellence and set industry standards. Our staff consists of talented individuals who not only possess a deep understanding of the media landscape but also demonstrate exceptional project management skills honed over many years. Through our commitment to quality and our proficient team, we consistently deliver outstanding project outcomes.
In summary, Social Plus Africa Communications Ltd is a forward-thinking media organization that offers a comprehensive range of services. We are dedicated to providing top-notch solutions, driven by our team of knowledgeable professionals, and we take pride in delivering excellence in project management and service delivery.


Amb. Momoh Jimoh James JP
Managing Director/ CEO Social Plus Africa Communications Ltd.

Favour Bassey Otu
Business Development Manager/Chief Correspondent

Dr. Reuben Okala 
Executive Editor

Maymunah Ahuoiza Zubair
Projects Manager

Michael Roland Okwumbu
Head, Technical Unit

Bella Gloria Oparandu
Finance and Accounts Executive

Ephraim, Esther Dominic
Head of Programs