Commissioner Abanika Celebrates Kogi State First Lady, Hajia Sefinat Usman Ododo, on Her Birthday

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Hon.Taiye Abanika, the Commissioner for Housing and Urban Development in Kogi State, joined in celebrating the birthday of Hajia Sefinat Usman Ododo, the esteemed First Lady of kogi state.

Describing her as a paragon of humanity, compassion, and humility, Commissioner Abanika highlighted the profound impact of Hajia Sefinat’s philanthropic endeavors and her unwavering dedication to uplifting the lives of the less fortunate.

Hajia Sefinat Usman Ododo’s birthday was marked by a gathering of well-wishers, friends, and admirers, all coming together to honor her remarkable contributions to the community.

Commissioner Abanika took the opportunity to express his heartfelt gratitude for the First Lady’s tireless efforts in championing various humanitarian causes across the state.

He lauded her selfless spirit and genuine concern for the welfare of the people, noting that her acts of kindness have touched countless lives and inspired hope in the hearts of many.

As a beacon of compassion and empathy, Hajia Sefinat Usman Ododo has dedicated herself to serving the most vulnerable members of society, extending a helping hand to those in need and advocating for social justice and equality.

Her down-to-earth demeanor and approachable nature have endeared her to people from all walks of life, earning her widespread respect and admiration.

In celebrating the First Lady’s birthday, Commissioner Abanika emphasized the importance of recognizing and honoring individuals who exemplify the virtues of kindness, empathy, and generosity.

He pledged his continued support for Hajia Sefinat’s philanthropic endeavors and expressed optimism about the positive impact she will continue to make in the lives of the people of Kogi State.

As the celebrations unfolded, it became evident that Hajia Sefinat Usman Ododo’s birthday was not just a personal milestone but a testament to her enduring legacy of compassion and service to humanity.

Her unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of others serves as an inspiration to all, reminding us of the power of kindness and the transformative impact of selfless acts of love and generosity.