COVID-19 Crises: FCTA Health Care Workers Have Been Selfless

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The healthcare sector has been one of the worst hit with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. In Abuja the Federal Capital Territory Administration responded to the situation with commitment. In this exclusive interview with Social Plus Africa the Acting Director Nursing Services Mrs Leo Grace Musa speaks on how the authorities rose to the demand.

How did the FCTA manage to handle and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic

Mrs. Leo Grace Musa Acting Director, Nursing Services, health and Human Services Secretariat, FCTA

The activities we carried out here in FCT were so numerous. When the issue of COVID-19 came up everybody was panicking. We thought it was something that has come to devour the whole of humanity, particularly here in FCT but to the glory of God, the Honorable Minister of the FCT and the support of the Acting Secretary they were so proactive in response to the challenge.  As a result, the FCT was able gain control of COVID-19.

 In what ways was the management able to motivate resources and staff

The Management really tried it’s best to see that things were in order. Medical supplies were been made available to various hospital.

Nurses were trained in many ways both volunteers and even the serving nurses and health workers.

Everyone put in his/her own best to see that COVID-19 doesn’t devour us especially here in the FCT.

FCT nurses and volunteers were really impressive, we are proud of them. They were the generals. We considered the pandemic a war and the nurses and other medical personnel were the soldiers as the front line workers who went to the field after their training and sensitization and they are all confronted the fight against the pandemic at various isolation centres.

 Do you really think these frontline workers responded based on govt motivation or professionalism

To be honest no body will put his or her life on the line no matter what you call motivation. These people know their calling is between life and death. Otherwise how much do you think anyone will get to agree to go to the battle front. They knew their services required them to be posted to the isolation centres in the FCT. We have the one in Idu, Karmo, Asokoro, University Teaching Hospital, even the National Hospital. It was more of sacrifice to volunteer to face this pandemic on their part.  We salute their efforts, we salute their understanding

we want to encourage them to continue put in their best. This is service to humanity, this is service that the whole world is looking at and as a nurses we know they are the heartbeat of healthcare because without the nurses, I don’t think the healthcare system can be what it is now. No amount of monetary reward is worth their service to humanity.

We are encouraging them all the same and they ain’t relenting.

 Are there life insurance for these frontline care givers.

We try to do our best but again make sure they protect themselves very well before attending to patient because it will not be a joy on our part to loss any of them. We keep on praying for them, we keep on encouraging them and we thank them for this sacrifice of love that they are showing to humanity.