Eid-El-Maulud: CAN Congratulates Muslims, Seeks Peaceful Coexistence. 

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The Christian Association of Nigeria Wednesday congratulated the Nigerian Muslims in commemoration of the birth of Prophet Mohammed.

The CAN president, Archbishop Daniel Okoh, in a felicitation message to the Muslim faithful on behalf of the association and the Christian community, called for the promotion of mutual respect, understanding and peaceful coexistence among all religions.

Okoh noted that Nigeria’s strength lies in its diverse society. Hence, the people should promote mutual respect and peaceful coexistence.

He said, “As we commemorate this significant festival, we acknowledge Nigeria’s diverse society, comprising individuals from various ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds. It is within this rich diversity that our strength as a nation resides.”

“Consequently, we must persist in promoting mutual respect, understanding, and peaceful coexistence among all religious communities,” the Christian leader advised.

The statement added, “Once more, on behalf of the Christian Association of Nigeria, I wish the Muslim faithful in Nigeria a peaceful celebration.”