Encomium Pours for Outgoing Kogi MIREMCO Chairman as Tenure Ends

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Haj. Hassiat Suleiman, Outgoing Chairman, MIREMCO

In a wave of heartfelt tributes and admiration, Hajiya Hassiat Suleiman, the outgoing Kogi State Chairman of the State Mineral Resources and Environmental Management Committee (MIREMCO), has been hailed as an indefatigable leader who has transformed the solid minerals landscape in Kogi State.

Following her announcement of the end of her tenure, Encomium poured in from every quarter, with colleagues and counterparts showering praises on her remarkable achievements during her seven-year stewardship.

Hajiya Suleiman’s leadership has been lauded for pioneering significant changes in the mining sector of Kogi State. Under her guidance, community relations have been revolutionized, and effective mediation and conflict resolution mechanisms have been instituted between mining companies and their host communities.

Her colleagues expressed deep admiration for her unparalleled work ethic, which has garnered recognition from the Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel Development. Kogi State has consistently scored high points in evaluations, affirming its position as one of the most effective MIREMCO states in the country under her leadership.

Notably, Hajiya Suleiman’s role as a woman in a predominantly male-dominated sector has been highlighted as a testament to her exceptional leadership and resilience. Her virtues have been unanimously extolled, with prayers and well-wishes pouring in for her continued success and endeavors.

As she steps down from her position, Hajiya Hassiat Suleiman leaves behind a legacy of excellence and transformative leadership, setting a high standard for her successor and inspiring future generations in the mining sector.

Her departure marks the end of an era, but her impact and legacy will continue to resonate within the mining community of Kogi State and beyond.