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Great women and Mothers of Nigeria, what started as a beautiful campaign by our children a few weeks ago has been hijacked by mindless individuals and criminals with a different intent.

As a Mother am heart broken and weep bitterly at the way innocent and young souls whose dream is to bring about justice in our land are sent to an early grave.

I want to appeal to our teeming youth men and women, to please sheathe their swords and give Government time to address the issues. When things are not right, the citizens take to the streets. When the Citizens take to the Streets, the Government is bound to listen. This Government has listened and has heard your voices.

My appeal is for calm to give room for further consultations, so that together we can address the impasse.

Mothers of the Nation, cradle nurturers, life givers, pain soothers, this period calls for calm, caution and prayers. Let us jointly arise to pray for our children and our great country Nigeria. As women, let us call our children off the streets as the situation is no longer safe. The pain and tears of a mother no one knows nor feels the gravity, but only a Mother who has given life to that child.

To our youth, thank you for your statements; spoken and unspoken; written and unwritten.

This is a rebirth of a new order in Nigeria with the youth at the front burner of affairs, but my appeal is for restraint to enable us take appropriate decisions that could be used collectively or selectively in resolving the issues raised.

Nigerian Women, Mothers of the Nation arise and pray.

God bless the great women and mothers of Nigeria
God bless the Children and Youth of Nigeria
God bless our great country Nigeria

Dame Pauline K. Tallen, OFR, KSG