FG Launches Responsible Data Management Course for Public Servants*

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The Federal Ministry of Communications, Innovation & Digital Economy through the Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC) in collaboration with Data.Org has launched a Responsible Data Management Course, a free online course resource targeted at equipping public servants with the fundamentals of ethical data management.
It bridges the theoretical aspects of the Nigeria Data Protection Act 2023 with practical knowledge of data rights and responsibilities, helping public servants navigate data management complexities and mitigate vulnerabilities in public service.
“This partnership between the NDPC and Data.Org is the first in a series of engagements that we have planned to equip civil servants responsible for data management with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate and engage in a rapidly developing work environment that is being enabled by the implementation of Digital Public Infrastructure,” said Dr. ‘Bosun Tijani, the Honourable Minister of Communications, Innovation & Digital Economy.

The Responsible Data Management Course is designed for Heads of IT, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), Data Protection Officers (DPOs), IT & Cybersecurity Personnel, and Officers in roles that deal with data processing and privacy within Federal and State MDAs. This is regarded as a platform to train 10,000 public servants in data management.
The concise, self-paced online learning resource which is designed to be completed in just 2-3 hours, will be available in four (4) cohorts, ensuring broad accessibility and continuous learning opportunities. Certificates would be issued to participants at the completion of each cohort.

Registration begins May 28, 2024, via https://dmc.ndpc.gov.ng. The schedule is as follows:

– Cohort 1: June 19 – July 17, 2024
– Cohort 2: July 22 – August 17, 2024
– Cohort 3: August 19 – September 14, 2024
– Cohort 4: September 16 – October 12, 2024
Dr. Vincent Olatunji, NC/Chief Executive Officer, NDPC, stated, “The privacy issues arising from emerging technologies, which were not envisaged many years ago, are becoming increasingly prominent. Accordingly, we are implementing appropriate measures to enhance the capacity of Nigerians in the Data Protection ecosystem. The Responsible Data Management Course is one of such initiatives designed to equip Nigeria Public Servants with relevant skills to be globally competitive.”
Dr. Uyi Stewart, Chief Data and Technological Officer, Data.Org, notes that the” Responsible Data Management Course provides public servants with foundational data science knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about data that reflect the practical tenets of the Nigeria Data Protection Act, and helps them to understand the ethical handling of data, safeguarding the privacy and rights of individuals, as well as effective data governance.”

By delving into the principles of responsible data handling and the lifecycle of data management, this course equips public servants with the knowledge of regulatory requirements and the ethical frameworks that guide their application. This dual focus prepares public servants to make informed decisions that reflect both the letter and the spirit of the law, ensuring that their actions contribute positively to the trust and confidence in public institutions.
Responsible Data Management Course for Nigerian public servants underscores the Federal Ministry of Communications, Innovation & Digital Economy’s commitment to advancing the digitization of public services and integrating technology into daily interactions.

Tolulope Pius-Fadipe, PhD
Head, Research & Development, NDPC