Fluenta’s Technology Enhances Nigeria’s Gas Flare Reduction Efforts.

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Nigeria, Africa’s largest oil producer, is intensifying efforts to curb flaring gas and achieve energy self-sufficiency.

At the forefront of this drive is the Dangote Refinery, the world’s largest single-train refinery, operational since May 2023, capable of refining 650,000 barrels of oil daily.

This mammoth facility addresses Nigeria’s daily fuel needs and produces a surplus of 38 million liters of refined products for export.

Fluenta, a global leader in ultrasonic flare gas metering technology, played a pivotal role in aiding Nigeria’s quest for flare gas reduction.

Collaborating with its Nigerian representative, Daptem Engineering, and the Dangote project team, Fluenta successfully installed 18 ultrasonic flare gas meters on large pipelines around the Dangote Refinery.

The installation presented a unique engineering challenge due to the varying pipeline sizes, ranging from 18” to 90” in diameter. Larger pipelines can compromise measurement accuracy, particularly for CO2-rich gases. Fluenta’s team employed innovative, custom solutions to ensure precise measurements across diverse pipeline sizes and challenging gas compositions.

Flare gas measurement is crucial for regulatory compliance and accurate emissions monitoring, aligning with Nigeria’s goal to position itself as a leader in emission reduction.

Under Nigerian law, companies are taxed for flared gas, reinforcing the importance of reliable flare measurement systems like Fluenta’s.

Radek Kurkowski, Director at Fluenta, emphasized the significance of accurate flare gas measurement and control, highlighting its role in environmental compliance and safety assurance.

He commended the collaborative effort with local partners and the Dangote project team, expressing pride in supporting Nigeria’s energy security.

Fluenta’s rich experience in Africa includes previous successful collaborations with an International Oil Company in Nigeria, further solidifying its expertise and position as a preferred supplier.

The company continues to address industry challenges, notably combustion efficiency and methane emission tracking, and will present insights at the Nigeria Hydrocarbon Measurement Conference.

For further discussions on these challenges and advancements, Fluenta will participate in the Nigeria Hydrocarbon Measurement Conference on October 4-5 in Lagos, Nigeria.