Gov. Bello Urges Okobo Community To Maintain Calm Over Mining Dispute.

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…Says Government Working out Lasting Solution to Mining Dispute In The Area.

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State has called upon the residents of Okobo-Enjema in the Ankpa Local Government Area of the state to maintain a state of tranquility and peace amidst the ongoing dispute with Eta-Zuma Group (W/A) Limited, a mining company in the vicinity.

Expressing the need for serenity, Governor Bello expressed his commitment to finding a comprehensive and lasting solution to the disagreement between mining corporations and host communities within Kogi State.

This appeal from Governor Bello came during a meeting at his office in Lokoja on Thursday, where he engaged with Dr. Innocent O. Zuma, the Chief Executive Officer of Eta-Zuma, Hon Ibrahim Abagwu, the Chairman of Ankpa Local, and other government representatives.

Governor Bello acknowledged that the fundamental responsibility of the government is to ensure the safety and well-being of its citizens.

He emphasized his administration’s diligent efforts to create a secure environment, conducive for both the residents and potential investors keen on venturing into the state.

Governor Bello asserted his dedication to safeguarding investments across all regions of the state while simultaneously upholding the rights and privileges of host communities.

He highlighted the objective of transforming Kogi State into an attractive destination for investors, achieved through the establishment of an inviting business environment.

It was made clear that adherence to agreements with relevant agencies and host communities, along with fulfilling corporate social responsibilities, would prevent disputes.

The governor commended the people of the region for their nonviolent approach in addressing the issue.

He issued a directive permitting Eta-Zuma Group (W/A) Limited to resume operations at their site while the resolution process continues.

Recalling the recent conflict between the Okobo community and Eta-Zuma Group (W/A) Limited, a coal mining enterprise, accusations of illegal mining and encroachment arose.

The community accused the company of obstructing legally recognized artisan miners from their activities.

As a result, Governor Bello swiftly instructed Eta-Zuma Group (W/A) Limited to cease operations temporarily to maintain law and order.