June 12: Governor Yahaya Bello Commends Nigeria’s Democratic Journey.

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The Executive Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello, has taken the opportunity on Nigeria’s Democracy Day to express his heartfelt appreciation to the founding fathers of Nigeria’s democracy and commend the leaders who have tirelessly upheld uninterrupted democratic governance since 1999.

Recognizing the challenges encountered on the path to democracy in Nigeria, Governor Bello emphasized the significance of acknowledging the remarkable efforts made by the founding fathers.

He acknowledged their vision, determination, and unwavering commitment to democratic ideals, which have laid the strong foundation upon which the country stands today. Governor Bello emphasized that Nigerians owe a debt of gratitude to these selfless leaders for their foresight in establishing a system that amplifies the voices of the people and allows their aspirations to be realized.

Governor Bello highlighted the notable progress made by Nigeria since the restoration of democratic rule in 1999. The country has witnessed peaceful transitions of power, the expansion of civil liberties, and the strengthening of democratic processes. These achievements stand as a testament to the collective will of the Nigerian people and the unwavering dedication of the nation’s leaders to the principles of democracy and good governance.

On this Democracy Day, Governor Bello stressed the importance of acknowledging the vital role played by every citizen in sustaining Nigeria’s democracy. He called for unity among the people and encouraged their support for leaders as they navigate the challenges of nation-building, with a shared vision of a prosperous and inclusive Nigeria.

The Governor emphasized that democracy thrives when citizens actively participate, engage in constructive dialogue, and hold leaders accountable.

Governor Bello called upon the citizens of Kogi State to remain steadfast in their commitment to democratic values, respect the rule of law, and cherish the freedoms and rights that democracy affords.

He urged the people to embrace their diversity as a strength, emphasizing that by embracing differences, they can build a more inclusive society where every Kogite and Nigerian has equal opportunities to thrive.

In commemoration of this significant day, Governor Bello paid tribute to the heroes and heroines who have sacrificed their lives in the pursuit of democracy and social justice. He emphasized that their sacrifices shall not be in vain as the nation strives to build a country that truly reflects its aspirations.

Governor Bello charged the people of Kogi State to continue conducting their activities in a manner that fosters peace and security within the state. He emphasized the importance of working together toward a future where peace, progress, and prosperity prevail.