Staff and Mgmt. Of El-Salem Homes Celebrates Mrs. Anne Oluwatoyin Ojo on Her Birthday.

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The entire staff of El-Salem Homes International is excited to join in this jubilant celebration of the remarkable life of Mrs. Anne Oluwatoyin Ojo.

She embodies compassion and kindness, exemplifying the epitome of a virtuous woman.

Her unwavering devotion to both spirituality and humanity is truly remarkable.

She serves as a Pastor, an educator, and a drama Minister, gracing the screens of over 200 evangelical films.

Furthermore, she is a highly accomplished author, having penned numerous life-transforming books such as “Born to Shine,” “Be Inspired,” and “Not a Fairy Tale,” among others.

Her words have touched countless lives, inspiring and enlightening readers along their personal journeys.

Anne Oluwatoyin Ojo is also a loving and devoted wife to her beloved spouse, Ben Gbade Ojo, and a caring mother who nurtures and supports her family with unwavering affection.

On this momentous occasion of June 12, we extend our heartfelt celebrations to you, dear Anne.

We wish you a life filled with boundless joy and abundant blessings as you commemorate your birthday.

May the divine protection and favor of the Lord encompass you every single day of your existence. Our love and prayers accompany you, and we fervently hope that happiness, grace, and peace eternally reside in your life.


The entire EL-SALEM HOMES INTERNATIONAL Joins in this jubilant celebration of your remarkable life.