NCPC Has Been Working With Young People To Address Issues of National Concern – Rev. Pam

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    The Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission NCPC, Rev. Dr. Yakubu Pam has said that NCPC has been working with young people in Nigeria to address issues of national concern.

    The NCPC boss made the assertion while receiving the Coalition of Ethnic Nationality Youth Leaders of Nigeria CENYLON, who were in the Commission on 10th August 2023 on a courtesy visit.

    The Executive Secretary, who was elated on receiving the youths in his office, stated that he is always excited to work and meet with youths with purpose.

    He lauded CENYLON for using its platform for building peace and unity and also encouraging oneness in Nigeria against tribal and ethnic differences that might exist.

    In the words of Rev. Pam, “Your cause is noble and precious, it is rare to have youths who fight for a collective Nigeria, and we need individuals like you who rather than fight for ethnic groups, fight for unity and peace of our dear Nation Nigeria.”

    The NCPC boss charged them to put in more efforts towards ensuring ethnic and tribal problems that are eating deep into the fabric of the Nation do not exist, he equally charged youths to desist from allowing greed make them use good platforms like CENYLON for politics but rather be used for the growth of Nigeria.

    He further encouraged them to always fight for a good cause which is moving Nigeria forward as he said, “What you are pursuing is the real engine of Nigeria, it is great to have a coalition of different ethnic groups come together to fight for a good cause which is moving Nigeria forward.”

    Earlier, the leader of the delegation of the Coalition of the Ethnic Nationality Youth Leaders of Nigeria CENYLON, Mr. Okewu Abel said, over the last couple of years, there have been issues of religious and ethnic bickering occasioned by political interest of a few, land and territorial claims and a few other interests which has in one way or the other curtailed national growth and development of our dear country Nigeria which is a total deviation from the visions and ideals of our founding fathers who fought tirelessly for freedom and political independence.

    Mr. Okewu added, “today, we are still entangled in the web of economic and mental slavery’ a menace which must be broken by this generation of leaders, especially youth of our class, this is why we have taken it upon ourselves to drive a cause of attaining economic and mental independence through forging for a United front for the purpose of peaceful cohabitation which is a prerequisite for National Development.”

    He further said the group has taken upon itself the task of identifying and encouraging individuals whose actions and policies have contributed to the nation’s quest for development.

    He lauded Rev. Yakubu Pam for being one of the well-meaning Nigerians who are working relentlessly for peace.

    In his words, “Your strides at ensuring transparency, accountability and probity in the Commission cannot be overemphasized, CENYLON as a group would be very proud to work with you in ensuring peaceful coexistence amongst Nigerians of diverse ethnicity and religious beliefs.”

    Highlights of the visit were the presentation of Award to the Executive Secretary as a Bridge Builder/Icon of Peace of the year and certificate of corporate instrument of commendation presented to the Management, Staff and stakeholders of NCPC.