NSTI-IDEA TV holds interactive session; propels Science, Technology, and Innovation discourse

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By Maymunah Zubair

In a landmark gathering held at the NSTI-IDEA TV headquarters, a diverse array of stakeholders converged to spearhead discussions on the pivotal role of science, technology, and innovation (STI) reportage in propelling Nigeria towards accelerated growth and development. The interactive session, graced by esteemed representatives from the National Space Research Development Agency (NASRDA), the Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Technology, and NSTI-IDEA TV, featured insightful contributions from key figures in the field.

Managing Director of NSTI-IDEA TV, Prof. Solomon Nwaka, opened the session by expressing gratitude for the collective commitment to advancing STI discourse, citing the partnership between IDEA TV and NASRDA as a pivotal step towards leveraging media platforms for national progress.

Dr. Felix Ale, Director of Media and Corporate Communication at NASRDA, lauded the historic collaboration, hailing it as the culmination of relentless efforts to address the gap in awareness about Nigeria’s science and technology ecosystem. He emphasized the agency’s unwavering support for NSTI TV’s mission to disseminate critical information to the masses.

In a reflection of two decades of collaborative efforts, Dr. Victor Fadipe, Director at the Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Technology, underscored the transformative potential of effective STI reportage in enabling informed decision-making and policy implementation for innovation-led development.

Renowned ace broadcaster Chief Kieran Umeayo brought his wealth of experience to the forefront, advocating for dedicated reportage on science, technology, and innovation. With a career spanning over two decades, Chief Kieran emphasized the need to bridge the gap between audiences and the nation’s scientific advancements, expressing hope that NSTI TV would serve as a beacon of progress.

Professor Solomon Nwaka echoed Chief Kieran’s sentiments, highlighting the critical role of knowledge sharing and science journalism in inspiring youth to pursue careers in STEM fields.

As the session concluded, participants expressed optimism for the future of STI discourse in Nigeria, pledging their unwavering support for NSTI-IDEA TV’s mission to elevate the narrative on science, technology, and innovation.