Pilgrims Express Satisfaction as NAHCON Successfully Transfers Over 44,500 from Madina to Makka.

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The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) has successfully transported 44,506 out of the over 55,000 pilgrims who have been airlifted to Saudi Arabia from Madina to Makka, in preparation for the 2023 Hajj rites.

The movement of the pilgrims has been conducted in an organized manner, with batches being transported based on their arrival in Madina.

This process aligns with NAHCON’s policy of ensuring that those who arrived first are also the first to be moved to Makka.

Furthermore, this policy helps control the crowd and prevent overstaying in the second holy city.

Among the pilgrims who have been moved from the Daral Alhuda Hotel today, Saturday, 17th June, are individuals from Kwara State.

These pilgrims expressed their satisfaction with their stay in Madina, although they admitted that they would have liked to prolong their visit.

Nonetheless, they were pleased that they were able to fulfill all their obligations in Madina, including visitations (Ziyara) and other Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

In a conversation with SPACOM, a NAHCON official confirmed that the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) pilgrims will also be making their journey to Makka tomorrow, Sunday, the 18th of June, after completing their designated five-day stay in Madina.

The overall operation has been smooth for NAHCON, with their meticulously planned arrangements falling into place.

The successful movement of pilgrims highlights the commission’s commitment to ensuring a well-organized and seamless Hajj experience for all participants.

As the Hajj season continues, NAHCON remains focused on providing essential services, guidance, and support to pilgrims.

The commission’s efforts are aimed at facilitating a fulfilling and spiritually rewarding journey for Nigerian pilgrims, who have placed their trust in the organization.

With each successful transfer, the anticipation and excitement among the pilgrims grow, as they draw closer to their ultimate destination of Makka.

NAHCON’s dedication to maintaining an efficient and well-coordinated operation continues to garner appreciation from both the pilgrims and the wider community.

As the Hajj rituals commence, Nigerians send their prayers and well-wishes to all the pilgrims, hoping for a safe and transformative experience.

The collaborative efforts of NAHCON and its partners contribute to the overall success of this sacred journey, fostering unity and strengthening the bond among Muslims across the nation.