Tribute to Late Brigadier General Jones Oladeinde Arogbofa by Dr. Felix Ale.

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By Maymunah Zubair.

Left: Late Brigadier General Jones Oladeinde Arogbofa; Right: Dr. Felix Ale.

In a poignant tribute penned by Dr. Felix Ale, Director, Media and Corporate Communications of the National Space Research and Development Agency of Nigeria, the late Brigadier General Jones Oladeinde Arogbofa is commemorated for his towering legacy and profound impact on Nigerian history. Arogbofa, known for his distinguished military career and remarkable contributions to the nation, passed away in February, leaving behind a void felt by many.

Arogbofa, affectionately referred to as “Jones Arogbofa,” was hailed as a visionary leader, scholar, and mentor whose life exemplified principles of integrity, compassion, and resilience. His sudden demise has deeply saddened the nation, with colleagues and associates expressing disbelief and mourning the loss of a great man.

Dr. Ale’s tribute captures the essence of Arogbofa’s remarkable life, highlighting his unwavering commitment to service, his belief in the potential of every individual to shine, and his dedication to his community and nation. Arogbofa’s legacy, as portrayed in the tribute, is one of selflessness, excellence, and indelible impact.

As Arogbofa’s takes his final bow, following his on-going week long funeral activities, the nation prepares to bid farewell to a beloved figure whose presence will be deeply missed. Dr. Felix Ale’s heartfelt words serve as a fitting tribute to the enduring legacy of Brigadier General Jones Oladeinde Arogbofa, a man whose influence will continue to resonate for generations to come.


Tribute by Dr. Felix Ale: [The tribute provided by by Dr. Felix Ale follows, commemorating the life and legacy of Brigadier General Jones Oladeinde Arogbofa.]

“Brigadier General (Dr) Jones Oladeinde Arogbofa was a towering figure in Nigerian history, a distinguished gentleman whose legacy will continue to resonate for years to come. Mere words seem inadequate for me to capture the essence of this extraordinary man of history because knowing him was to be acquainted with greatness.

General Arogbofa’s painful demise leaves a void in our great country and saying goodbye to this illustrious son of Okaland really hurts because memories can’t replace his physical presence. His exit has no doubt left a vacuum in us.

Jones Arogbofa as popularly called by friends and associates was a distinguished soldier, a scholar of international repute, and a talented son of Africa. His death was very shocking and indeed a sad commentary. His memory remains fresh and his life’s accomplishments like a lush Savannah are evergreen.

We, the living, are privileged to reminisce over his brilliant career, and in doing so, we cannot help but be moved by the depth of his contribution.

General Arogbofa believed that every person deserves the opportunity to shine. His mantra, “No one can cover the sunshine,” embodied this philosophy. He was a man of deep convictions, ethical and sincere. His dreams were simple yet significant.

General Arogbofa was, in every way, a good and great man in human history. The suddenness of his passing leaves a heavy heart. The news of his death was met with disbelief and pain. A giant has fallen, leaving a void in our nation. The world feels off-kilter, the ground unsteady beneath our feet.

Tears well up as I picked up my pen to write this special tribute because to me in particular, a worthy son of Oka-Akoko has flown away to the great beyond. What a man, what a soul! General Arogbofa was a man of principle, a champion of collaboration, and a tireless worker who gave selflessly. He saw something in me as a young man, trusted and respected me like a brother. I will forever cherish and value the intellectual discussions we shared.

The trajectory of his life has been both inspirational and interesting. By all standards, Jones Oladeinde Arogbofa was a role model and pride to his generation and humanity in general. He was a rare gem, a mentor, a teacher, and a very unique man who lived a contented life and was satisfied with what he had. He was a special breed who lived an impactful life and made indelible marks on the sand of time.

Humanity will never forget Jones Arogbofa for who he was and the world will forever remember this illustrious son of Ondo state for his vision and selfless service. He was indeed a beacon and fountain of immense knowledge and phenomenon of unusual strength.

General Jones Arogbofa was an extraordinary soul whose altruism earned him the well-deserved honour and achievements during his historic sojourn. He was seen as a paragon of excellence, a symbol of generosity and compassion as well as an emblem of magnanimity with an unwavering aura of benevolence.

This illustrious son of Africa has left behind an enduring legacy. Those who knew him will forever cherish his impact and remain marvelled at his brilliant mastery of self- reinvention, bursting charisma, charm and contagious intelligence.

General Arogbofa transcended the role of a leader. He was a visionary who illuminated challenges and instilled hope. His unwavering spirit, imbued with both resilience and compassion, served as a guiding light during times of strife.

General Arogbofa’s contributions extended beyond the national level. He was a remarkable figure who significantly impacted both his community and the nation as a whole. His dedication and honour were evident throughout his distinguished career.

His commitment to justice and equality was unwavering, as exemplified by his service in the Nigerian Army and his role as Chief of Staff to the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria. His leadership embodied the highest ideals: wisdom, integrity, and unwavering dedication.

General Arogbofa’s character was beyond reproach. His actions reflected an unwavering commitment to righteousness. He was more than a soldier; he was a paragon of virtue, a beacon of hope, and a model of integrity and leadership.

With unwavering resolve, General Arogbofa left a lasting mark on his beloved community, Oka Akoko in Ondo State. He navigated challenges with grace and fortitude, leading initiatives that ushered in a new era of prosperity. His advocacy for sustainable growth, education, and infrastructure revitalized the community and ignited ambition within its people.

Despite his numerous accolades, General Arogbofa remained humble. His humility was unwavering, and his heart remained dedicated to service. He was a pillar of strength for the most vulnerable, a voice for the voiceless, and a champion for the marginalized.

Our bond transcended mere acquaintance. Shared experiences and countless moments of camaraderie forged a deep friendship. His unwavering dedication, even during his final days, is a testament to his character. His daily calls during that time spoke volumes about his caring nature and genuine concern for others. He saw me not just as a friend, but as a kid brother.

General Arogbofa’s love and respect extended far beyond his professional circles. He was deeply devoted to his community, revered for his accomplishments, humility, generosity, and unwavering commitment to its well-being. He was a man of the people, always ready to lend a helping hand or offer wise counsel. As a husband and father, General Arogbofa exemplified devotion. His love for his family was boundless, and he cherished every moment spent with them. He was not only a provider but a pillar of strength, a source of comfort, and guidance.

Today, we celebrate the luminous legacy General Arogbofa leaves behind. His spirit will forever inspire us to reach greater heights, strive for excellence, and embody the noble virtues he championed. While our hearts ache, we are filled with gratitude for his presence. Brigadier General Jones Oladeinde Arogbofa will be deeply missed, but his legacy of honour, compassion, and resilience will continue to inspire generations to come.

Though he may no longer walk among us, his presence will forever linger in the whispers of the wind, the warmth of the sun, and the beat of our hearts. Brigadier General Jones Oladeinde Arogbofa – a name etched in history, a soul boundless in compassion, and a legacy forever inspiring. You were a rare breed of man in kindness, courage, and strength. You were admired as an icon, a legend that will forever dwell in our hearts.

In all your activities during your life time, you remained on the positive side of history. Hence your noble and glorious accounts will remain imperishable and continue to loom large.

By your painful exit, a legend is gone. Indeed a legend is gone to rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

You were like an eagle flying high among others but never getting dizzied by the altitude. You knew who you were and gave your best to humanity.

The light of your love and the warmth of your presence will always be precious memories.

Today, as you begin your final journey home, the applause belongs to you! The ovation is truly yours because you have fought a good fight!! You have finished the course!!! You have kept the faith and you have transmuted from death to life!!!!

Today, your song is ended but the melody lingers on. The glorious echoes of your pasts will continue to reverberate for reference and profound appreciation of who you were. You have successfully completed your race in the complex game of life and have transferred what God has promised the righteous “New Heavens and New earth where righteousness will be at home”

As you take your final bow and receive your final military salute, We shall surely miss you more than we can say our beloved General!

Sun re o the People’s General!!

Adieu the great son of Okarufe!!!

With tears in my eyes, I say farewell, our beloved and highly revered Brigadier General (Dr) Jones Oladeinde Arogbofa !!!

May the wind always be in your favour and the deer be numerous and curious wherever you are now.

Sleep warm, Sleep tight and Sleep well.”