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Di ₦20,000 rural cash grant initiative wey di Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development introduce in 2020 na part of President Muhammadu Buhari’s social inclusion and poverty alleviation agenda. Di programme been target 150,000 rural and peri-urban women for all di 774 local government areas of di 36 states plus including di FCT. Dis initiative na community-based initiative.

Di goal na to make sure say countri-pipulgo see increased income, enhanced food security, more productivity as well as financial inclusion.

Dem launch di programme for Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria as a way to encourage women wey dey di state wey don dey affected by di insurgency for di region. Di aim na to see say all di beneficiary for Borno state fit get independent and sustainable life, especially di ones wey lose their husbands for di insurgency.

Di rural women grant also dey to support gender equality, address poverty among women and to also reduce unemployment wey dey di society by ensuring say all beneficiaries use di grant wey dem award dem wella.

For di North western part of Nigeria wey more than 28,000 women don collect di grant, most of di beneficiaries, if not all, don start one business or di other and dem don already dey succeed in entrepreneurship.

Di rural women grant of di Ministry na im be di ogbonge gran wey dem don award to women for di history of di country.

Dem award dis grant to women wey really need am; women wey dey find am hard to survive on less than one Dollar per day. Di grant na for women wey no get anybody to cater for their needs, especially widows wey their husbands don die, wey leave them to cater for so many children.

Dis cash grant don really help many women for North West Nigeria to upgrade their business so far, and na because dem use di money wey dem award to them to do right business wey suite their environment.

Pipul go dey wonder say how ₦20,000 wey pesin fit spend in less than an hour go fit help pesin start business, di truth be say dis grant na for pipul wey really need am; pipul wey dey in need of help in order to address di challenges of unemployment and poverty. For example now, Hadiza Ibrahim wey be beneficiary from Nasarawa local government area of Kano State dey into cheese making business, she use her grant to upgrade di number of cheese wey she dey make per day, and now she dey gain more profit.