Sadiya and impacts of FG’s humanitarian policies

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Di Federal Ministry Of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management And Social Development, don make sure say all di welfare policy of di gofment dey reach countri pipule. But di thing wey dey sweet belle pass na say President Muhammadu Buhari choose Sadiya Umar Farouq to dey look after di Ministry, wey everybody don hail as very good move, ERE-EBI AGEDAH IMISI come look the matta, and the impacts of all di work wey dem don do.

Dem create di Federal Ministry Of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management And Social Development because of serious need for di administration of President Muhammadu to get how e go take dey give back, dey harmonize, and to dey coordinate all di humanitarian and social interventions wey gofment dey do.

As di country dey faced different-different forms of crisis, insurgency for Northeast, bandit for Northwest, inter-community conflict for Middle Belt, kidnapping, farmer/herders’ conflict, fire outbreak, and many other things wey follow join all of dis wahala na im result in dis call for humanitarian aid.

Dis Ministry wey dem create in 2019 to dey make sure say all di welfare policy of di gofment dey reach all di countri-pipule wey dey suffer for our communities dey very timely, on top of how people don hail President Muhammadu Buhari as him choose Sadiya Umar Farouq to dey oversee and coordinate di Ministry, say na idea wey make sense wella.

Di Minister dey very hardworking and she no dey like some other top government official because she dey ever ready to meet with stakeholders, especially the media, MDAs, CSOs and NGOs because she dey proud to show all di achievements since she start as di pioneer Minister in charge of di ministry. Madam minister really get plenty project and plans wey she dey always reveal wey make her dey very popular. Nobody go doubt am if you call her di “star girl” of President Muhammadu Buhari gofment.

Na as she begin run di Ministry na im country start to dey really ensure say countri-people wey dey internally displaced because of security challenges in parts of the country dey get fair treatment, small by small cone dey help dem comot from all di years of neglect, abandonment wey some bad citizens dey chop all di resources wey government make available for dem. But as dis new Oga-madam come, she really shake everywhere; From Borno, Adamawa, Zamfara, Yobe, Benue and everywhere, as e be say she be mother with overflowing milk of kindness, she really make sure dis category of citizens wey find their self for situation wey no be their making, say dem dey really take care of dem above average.

Di Minister Don also announce many program wey go bring lasting succour to IDPs for di County, sat na why She launch di National Policy on IDP. Dis policy na im dem go take design the way wey dem go work out how dem go prevent and protect citizens and foreigners alike from any kind of internal displacement, and also to dey offer assistance and protection during displacement.

Na for inside dis same policy document na im di road map to make sure say do IDPs go fit get rehabilitation, return, reintegration and relocation after displacement. According to di Minister, all di principle wey dey guide humanitarian assistance and implementation of durable solutions in situations of internal displacement in Nigeria dey inside dis policy too.

Because of di hardwork of di Minister, the federal government don implement di National Social Investment Programme, NSIP wey be ogbonge social protection programme for di history of Nigeria and even beyond. Di programme really bring hope to bocku-bocku families wey I’m don help to reduce poverty rate, improve standard of living, and to give young-young people access to empowerment, plus including education, health care services, and to help reduce malnutrition wey dey catch children wey dey school, come follow dey provide small-small credit facility for small and medium scale business.

Di N-Power programme, di National Home-Grown School Feeding Nationwide, the Conditional Cash Transfer plus including di Gofment Enterprise and Empowerment Programme, GEEP, all of dem na social intervention schemes wey Nigerians don benefit from under di National Social Investment Programme, NSIP.

For inside 2020 alone, di Ministry dey very successfully for di exit of 500,000 Batch A and B N-Power beneficiaries and e come process over 6.4 million applications for Batch C. E giid make everybody know say, for inside Batche A & B, a total of 109,823 beneficiaries done set up business for their communities; na di impact and importance of di N-Power programme and di Ministry, na im be dat.

For dis time now for inside Batch C, Stream 1, nothing less than 510,000 young-young people for all around di country don enrol and dem don dey benefit from di programme, untop dat one, additional 490,000 beneficiaries go still enrol after President don approve to increase di number to one million. As di Minister tok am for di last stakeholders meeting, wetin e mean be say at least one million young people go gain skills for different trade or job in di next one year, through job exposure, training and experience, so dat dem go fit start their own businesses or get jobs based on di experience wey dem gain for di programme.

For Nigeria, almost all di communities get one mobile moni agent or the other, dis thing don really helped to bring financial service to di doorsteps of country-people for rural area. E come also help engage young people meaningfully, thanks to di mobile money agency programme of di ministry. Di programme na nationwide intervention under di N-Power programme wey train and equip 1,850 agents, come amount to 50 agents for each state and empower dem with di tools, including Point of Sales ( we dem dey call POS) Machines with a start-up amount of N20,000 preloaded, fingerprint scanner, plastic chairs, plastic table, outdoor umbrella and hardcover ledger for proper accounting.

Anoda important one na di National Home-Grown School Feeding Programme wey dey fully operational for 35 states and di FCT, arrangements to add Bayelsa don already dey advanced stage. Dis program na huge relief on parents and guardians and na massive incentive for school enrollment. Dis programme wey dem introduce in 2016, di programme dey provide one free nutritious meal to pikin wey dey primary 1-3 across public schools nationwide. Na which pikin dem go need force to school wey no go go because of full stomach? For di moment, almost 10 million children in 54, 619 schools don dey benefit from dis creative programme. Apart from that, about 120,000 cooks, and about 100,000 smallholder farmers and numerous aggregators dey also benefit for di programme across di country. E never tey wey Ministry review di cost to feed each child from N70 to N100 per meal.

Dis minister don really hold Ministry well for di past three years don really record many milestones and country-people dey very thankful to not only to Mrs. Sadiya Umar Farouq and her wonderful team in di ministry but the President, Muhammadu Buhari and di federal gofment.

Na true say all dis intervention as e bocku so, no go ever dey enough to highlight work wey di ministry don record in a short period of time, but e dey important to note say Gofment Enterprise and Empowerment Programme, GEEP dey try to address di challenges of credit and financial inclusion for over 37 million country-pipule wey no too get resources but wey dey active for business, but dem never had get di opportunity to get loan. Dis program so far don provide loan of N10,000 and N300,000 to about 2.3 million beneficiary traders, enterprising young people, agricultural workers and other micro-service providers wey dey under flagship programmes like TraderMoni, MarketMoni and FarmerMoni wey dey directly supervise by office of di Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo.

Di impact dey very amazing while di testimony dey very encouraging. Di TraderMoni dey cater to poor and enterprising youths, while MarketMoni dey cater to poor and enterprising women. Di two dey disburse N50,000 per beneficiary. Poor and rural farmers dey captured under FarmerMoni, and the loan amount na N300,000. GEEP dey also increase financial inclusion for dis people through addition to formal financial system of banking.

True true e no go bad to hope say di days wey dey come get much promise for country-pipul people as di ministry dey on ground to sustain social intervention programs and to broaden to spread far to make sure say more Nigerians dey economically empowered, im vision na to improved living standard for environment wey dey safe and secure because dis na di vision of di federal gofment for all citizens.